Your journey to a happier, more fulfilling partnership starts here.

Bringing couples closer through mobile apps.

HUGS (Howe-United Games & Software) is a small and passionate team on a mission to help aide couples strengthen their relationships through mobile applications, games, and activities. We believe that anyone can have a fulfilling relationship, and we are committed to providing couples with opportunities to help achieve that. Our flagship app, Cups & Spoons, is an engaging way for couples to interact with each other, no matter the distance or time, providing the opportunity to strengthen their relationship and build better awareness. This is our first of a variety of apps and activities that can help couples to connect on a deeper level and reinforce the foundation for their relationship.

At HUGS, we understand that every relationship is unique yet have key core factors to them such as communication, awareness, effort and attention to the others needs; we strive to create products that work at the core of all relationships. We are committed to providing couples with the additional resources they need to continue building a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Our Goals

Introduce our flagship mobile application, Cups & Spoons, to as many couples as possible.

Create a platform that assists therapists, counselors and coaches allowing them to save time and engage with their clients more effectively.

Publish a suite of mobile applications designed to elevate a relationship by building communication, intimacy and togetherness.

Make an impact on relationships that spans generations.

Our Company Culture

HUGS is committed to helping people who want to better themselves and to provide instruments to assist that. While we are a hardworking bunch we are a lighthearted and caring company with a strong sense of community, and want to provide a positive and engaging experience for all our customers.

Our Mission

To be better than we were yesterday. We are committed to continuous improvement and to providing our customers with the best possible products and experiences.


What are HUGS biggest challenges??

What is HUGS most proud of?

HUGS is most proud of the team's passion for helping people, couples and the therapists, coaches and counselors that work with them. We are committed to providing couples and therapists alike with the resources they need to create a happy and lasting relationship.

What are HUGS biggest dreams for the future?

HUGS biggest dream is to make a multigenerational impact on relationships and the therapy industry as a whole. While also becoming a go-to resource for couples to strengthen their relationships, and therapists to connect with their patients.

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