Our Mission...

is to publish mobile applications that can provide you and your partner the opportunity to grow closer together. 

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H.U.G.S. (Howe-United Games & Software) is a small and passionate team on a mission to help aide couples strengthen their relationships through mobile applications, games, and activities. We believe that anyone can have a happy and fulfilling relationship, and we are committed to providing couples with opportunities that help achieve that. Our flagship app, Cups & Spoons Game, is an engaging way for couples to interact each other, no matter the distance or time, providing the opportunity to strengthen their relationship and build better awareness of each other. This is our first of a variety of other games and activities that can help couples to connect on a deeper level and reinforce the foundation for their relationship. At H.U.G.S., we understand that every relationship is unique yet have key core factors to them such as communication, awareness, effort and attention to the others needs; we strive to create products that work at the core of all relationships. We are committed to providing couples with the additional resources they need to continue building a happy and lasting relationship.